Sunday, October 2, 2016

Let's Make A Difference

We decided to take advantage of a break in the wonderful rain to get out there and make a difference.  We chose to work in the garden down by the road.  When Ed and I work together on the garden it is always time well spent.  Ed brought buckets of wood mulch  and started on the edge.  The mulch filled trench is intended to give the pasture grasses a place to grow in the direction of the garden without actually entering the garden.  If our weeding is timely, the trench is quickly cleared and none of those horrid white grass roots will have reached the garden.

I started cutting back dead flower stalks.  This patch of red bee balm was screaming to be cut back. That powdery mildew needs to be banished from the garden.  I filled the cart behind my tractor twice.

There is still so much beauty in the garden.  It was a pleasure to spend time giving it air and light.  These bee like insects are unknown to us since we do not recall ever seeing them here before.  Honey bees seem to have largely disappeared.  We are close to several huge dairy operations.  With them comes poisons to favor the growth of corn.  Their corn reached record heights but many of the honey  bees appear gone.

We spent just 190 minutes in the garden. I think we made quite a difference.  Perhaps others who drive by will not notice the change, but beauty has an impact on everyone.  We had a wonderful time!!!!!

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