Monday, October 10, 2016

Indoor Moonflower

As expected frost formed last night.  With little moisture in the air the frost was scant on the grass but it did form.  Car windows were coated with a hard white layer.  The moonflower backed by dark clouds did try to open outside but the petal tips were fused together in response to the advancing cold.  Numerous vase shaped buds are visible but they will never open either.

We do not quit easily so some buds were cut and placed in a vase indoors.  At least three buds are in the photo but we limited our hopes to the single larger one.  The entire vase of cuttings looked much stronger after a warm night in our living room.  A full day of bright sunshine on the inside moved the plant parts in the proper direction.

That these tightly wound petals are able to open is as much of a miracle as a new butterfly first spreading its wings.  The thrill at seeing this type of flower open never seems to grow old.

Here we have our first moon flower blossom ever that opened indoors.  We were somewhat concerned that its scent would be overpowering inside but it is really quite pleasant.

A freeze is forecast for tonight.  If that does happen, we hope that it is hard enough to end the biting bugs.  With them gone the days that follow will be some of the best of the year.


Beth @ PlantPostings said...

Oh, I'm glad they opened up for you! We haven't had frost yet, but it's on its way. Just north of us in Central Wisconsin, they had frost a couple of nights ago. I hope my Zinnias will last a few more days. But, as you say, no more biting bugs would be nice, too. :)

Indie said...

Very nice! We've had frost warnings, but my garden hasn't been really hit yet. I'm enjoying the cooler weather, though, for sure.