Friday, May 31, 2013

Weeding In The Shade

A hot sunny day always sends me looking for a shady place to work.  In our garden at this time of year shade is scarce.  It was no surprise to Ed to find me weeding in the shade garden.  Many of the shade garden plants are gorgeous now.  The white star of Bethlehem and the pale blue bluets are stunning.  That bright  spot of blue next to the tree is a planting of Spanish bluebells. On the far side the red of a wild columbine can be seen.  I need my glasses to weed in this bed.  I search among the favored plants for those plants that I know to be weeds.  Pink poppies, thistles, sunflowers, clover and garlic mustard find there way here.  Some people have the idea that planting native wildflowers means you can just sit on the bench and enjoy the view.   You can for awhile, but over time those nasty weeds and invasive plants like garlic mustard will try to muscle in on your prize plants.  To the invaders I say "I'm watching you, and I love to weed in the shade!"

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