Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Garden Games Rained Out

We have been getting a lot of rain here the last couple of days. Yesterday it rained just about all day and last night it rained too.  Today looked a bit more promising.  Ed spent the morning weeding.  Many weeds pull much more easily when the soil is wet.  With warmer weather and all the rain everything in the garden is growing fast.  I've been waiting to see  plume hyacinths for the first time and they are almost there.  It would be nice to get them weeded so that they look their best.

Here we have onions and pink poppies.  I love my pink double poppies, but these will have to go!  This bed belongs to the onions.

Ed and I worked on a spot to plant asters and some more pansies.   Thunder rumbled in the distance as we worked.  Wanting to finish, we ignored the impending rain until a really loud clap of thunder directly overhead made us decide it was time to head inside.  It was too late.  By the time Ed and I traveled the short distance to the house we were soaked to the skin having been pelted by huge raindrops.

For the rest of the afternoon the sun would come out just long enough to slip outside to take a few pictures or dump the compost, but the dark clouds, wind, and rain always returned.  Garden games have been rescheduled for tomorrow.

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