Thursday, May 16, 2013

I Just Love A Happy Face!

I have always loved pansies.  There is something special about their happy little faces.  You can plant them out even when you are still getting freezes  and frosts like we are now.  They really are tough which makes me wonder why the word pansy is used the way it is sometimes.  Even though I love pansies, I have not planted them since the first year we had a garden here.  The simple reason is that they got eaten.  I don't mean the flowers got nipped off or the leaves got trimmed.  The entire plants were eaten, gone, missing, vanished!

This year when we visited our favorite local nursery and we walked into the greenhouse where the pansies were growing, the fragrance was amazing.  Ed asked me why we don't grow pansies since I love them so much.  I explained.  He  does not give up easily and decided we should try again.  So today we once again planted pansies.  Ed built cages to go over them.

He watered them well.  For the first time in years I have pansies in the garden.

Pretty purple and white pansies look great with those  happy little faces peering out of their protective cage.  They have been planted there to make me happy and tonight I am.  I'll be ecstatic if they are still there in the morning!

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