Thursday, March 7, 2013

Deer Spotted In The Garden

Yesterday morning, like most mornings this time of year, there were deer in the garden.  I counted seven in all.  I opened the bedroom window to get a picture.  That was enough to get them to stop grazing and look at me, but I had no trouble taking my picture.  They just are not threatened by me.  Ed walked into the room a few minutes later and they were gone in a flash.

It was when  I came inside and loaded the picture in the computer that realized  I was not just seeing deer, but spots  too, well one spot  anyway.  Since I had opened the window I knew the problem was my camera.   After repeated tries to clean the lens of my beloved little Canon A3100  IS camera, it became apparent that the spot in the lower left of frame wasn't going away.

I didn't really want a new camera.  I especially didn't want a NEW camera with all sorts of new features. Any videos I have ever taken required Dramamine be dispensed to the viewing audience.  I typed my fingers to the bone searching the web for a new camera like the one I have.  Finally success was mine.  Amazon came through.   The new camera should be here on Friday.  If anything exciting happens in the garden before then I guess you'll be seeing spots again too!

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