Monday, March 4, 2013

The First Flower of 2013

As it turned out the free tulips won the race to be the first flowers here in 2013.  They sit there in the warm bedroom overlooking the white, cold,  chilly garden.  I was completely delighted with these frilly pink and white double tulips.   With the exception of my favorite pink poppies, I usually prefer single flowers, but free is free and these are  lovely.

There are other types of tulips in the pot.  Some of them are much taller and have small buds.  Perhaps there are more pleasant surprises to come from this pot of tulips, but this flower was the first and we shall enjoy its pink frilly perfection for as long as it lasts.  One of the things about winter is the thrill that comes when spring begins to arrive is so much more intense.  Absence makes the heart grow a whole lot fonder!!!


PlantPostings said...

That's a beauty. Those soft pinks are so enchanting! When I saw your post title, I thought maybe you had some outdoor blooms, and I was going to say you're way ahead of me! Too much snow to see the plants, and more is on the way.

Linda DeVona said...

That's truly lovely! The new Spring growth is so much appreciated, before the headlong plunge into Summer, when it's nearly impossible to notice each new thing!