Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Garden Is Heating Up

I went downstairs with the camera hoping to see some green.  I was not disappointed. The lettuce is up.  Ed carefully planted lettuce seeds.  Making four holes with a toothpick, he dropped one seed in each hole.  Well, sometimes more than one seed goes in a hole.  Those darn  lettuce seeds are small!  It warms my heart and my pocket book  to see the beginnings of lettuce plants.  Visions of salads from the garden no longer seem like pipe dreams.

Here where two seeds went in the hole we have real lettuce leaves starting.  Seed leaves are exciting, but real lettuce leaves make me warm all over.  Perhaps Ed can transplant the second plant to a better spot where a seed didn't germinate.

Outside the garden is heating up too. Please ignore the snow.  I have been told ENOUGH with the snow pictures.  We are talking turkey now!  When I first looked out the window the turkeys were in the garden.  I snapped a few pictures through the glass, but they seemed to notice the movement and started for the trees.

I opened the window to get a better shot as the turkeys headed for the trees.  One of the males  tried to get a little something  started out in the open.  He made a rather weak attempt to spread his tail for the girls. He is that rather odd shape just to the right of center in the picture.  Ignoring him the ladies continued to head for the tree line.

As the girls continued up the hill he made a second larger and more impressive display.  I guess I could understand the ladies being a tad frigid given all the s _ _ _ and all.  Once the turkeys got out of the open and into the trees, their interest warmed a bit.   At this distance I couldn't see any beards, but  it turned out more than one male was in this group of turkeys.  The brush couldn't hide the exciting display that that started next.  Two males faced off.  Each one spread his tail and puffed up  as big as possible.  With turkeys, the  largest tail display, the reddest neck, the bluest face and the most enthusiastic shakes and shivers determine the big winner when it comes to the ladies.  The girls sat on the hill and watched the show.  In a just few minutes the show was over.  It's hard to stay all pumped up like that for long and the mating season is just getting started.  The entire group moved on and out of sight.  I hope they come back.  I have a bit of the voyeur in me and I love to share the heat!

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