Sunday, March 10, 2013

Early Spring Stroll, The Things I See

I was going to do a predictable early spring post with pictures taken yesterday.  I had a colorful picture of my indoor tulips and of course a picture of snow drops.  Ed took a wonderful shot  of snow remaining in the shadow of the corral fence.  It was a dramatic picture, definitely worth posting, but for some reason I just couldn't get the photo upload to work properly for pictures taken yesterday.

Today the temperature in the fifties sent us outside with the new camera.  The sky was a beautiful blue. Several large flocks of  Canada geese flew over high above our heads.  It was fun to hear their distant squawking and then search for the characteristic formations of tiny dots heading North.

The new camera works like a charm.  Clearly over time the old one had become worn and developed poor eyesight like an old lady.  I was delighted with this picture of my French tarragon coming to life.  You can see the fuzz on the tiny new leaves. The promise of new growth and fresh tarragon for cooking is exciting!

I passed by this wooley bear caterpillar several times before I took his picture.  He never moved.  In truth he looks kind of bent and broken like a body that fell from a high place that gets traced with a white chalk outline.  Perhaps he is not dead, just cold, but I have my doubts.

These interesting patches are growing on the vertical surface of one of the top stones on Ed's stone square that is the centerpiece of our garden.  Perhaps they have been there for some time, but today was the first time I ever noticed them.  I find them fascinating!

Mosses of all kinds grow here.  No longer covered with snow they look fresh, green and ready for spring.  I thought this acorn landed in the perfect place for a photo. You can almost see how soft that moss would feel on your bare toes.  More went on in the garden today.  Perhaps it will be worth another post, if Blogger cooperates!

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