Sunday, July 8, 2012

Boy Was I Wrong!

When Amy arrived for the weekend, she had this fantastic bouquet of flowers with her.  She received them as a thank you for something  special she had done for someone at work.  I was totally impressed!  Who could blame her for bringing them with her to enjoy instead of leaving them alone at home.  When I saw these amazing flowers, I instantly knew I was wrong about the Black Knight Lilies.  Yesterday,  I was looking at them from the wrong point of view.

With the temperatures in the nineties, some of the individual flowers faded rather quickly.  We decided to replace some of the spent flowers with flowers from the garden.  We don't often cut flowers from the garden.  It pained Ed slightly to cut the flowers and buds  but look at the results.

In a large flower arrangement like this one, Black Knight  lilies look fabulous!  I was so wrong!  Sometimes all you have to do is look at things from another point of view.  The flowers are gone, traveling back home with Amy.  Their impression on me will be a lasting one.


Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

Those are exquisite...such a lovely bouquet made lovelier.

Indie said...

What a lovely bouquet - that's obviously what those lilies were meant for!