Thursday, July 5, 2012

Daylilies Center Stage

Destined To See is our first purchased daylily.  It has held this spot inside of the stone square since 2008.  The color combination, crinkled colored petal edge and scent made this plant irresistible.  All expectations have been exceeded with this one.  We could divide it to increase the number of plants but for now we will leave it alone.

Daylilies and Orientals are in competition with each other for top billing in our garden.  Clarity of color is a trait that usually favors the Orientals.  Hardiness in our harsh climate makes daylilies a winner here.  This Big Bird's pure color can successfully compete with anyone.  It will hold a place in our garden.

Blueberry Candy is new to us this year.  Every catalog that we have seen pictures this variety with white petals.  The descriptions characterize the petal color as creamy or rose.  The petal edge should have a thin stripe the same color as the eye.  What we have is less than what we expected but we find this plant a pleasant addition to our garden.  Next year it may be closer to type.

Nanuq is another plant in its first year here.  We are impressed with its flowers.  Pale yellow colors the newly opened petals but they quickly change to white.  It appears to be two different plants.  A bright pale yellow flower greets an early visitor while a nearly pure white flower is on display later in the day.

Gentle Ed was our extravagant purchase this year.  We usually shop the sales.  Close attention has been directed toward Gentle Ed as it attempted to bloom.  It did fail to completely open its first two flowers.  Daily watering has helped produce a perfect flower.

Yesterday the entire day was spent carrying water to the plants.  We use the two sprinkling can delivery system since our water comes from our own well.  With the cans all of the water is directed at the base of the plants.  Some of the garden did not get any water since the need is greater than our ability to deliver.  No rain is in the ten day forecast.  We must accept the fact that some of our plants are going to die in this drought.  Better them than me.

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Indie said...

Wow, that Gentle Ed one is beautiful! Too bad it seems a little more fussy. I love that yellow one that turns white as well. How fun!