Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fade To Black

We had several sightings of the critter that was digging under and eating plants in the garden.  A woodchuck is very aware of its surroundings.  Any movement or sound sends it scurrying for cover.  My only experience with guns involved cap pistols as a child.  Lacking any military training, I pose only a small threat to any living creature.  Several shots had been sent in the general direction of the woodchuck.  Only the noise impacted the intended target as it ran to the cover of the tall grass.

Becky suggested that I try the have a heart trap.  I thought little could come from that tack as I have never been able to lure a woodchuck into the trap.  We were sitting on the shade garden wall enjoying a slice of watermelon when inspiration struck.  In this drought water for the animals has to be hard to come by.  Perhaps the woodchuck would enjoy slurping up some melon.  Two pieces were placed near the tall grass.  A check the next morning revealed that the melon had been a hit.

Today we finished our piece of watermelon.  The rinds were placed in the trap.  Soon the woodchuck was seen tentatively entering the trap.  Finally the trip lever was contacted and the doors closed with the woodchuck inside.

An up close look confirmed my suspicion that the animal was just a pup.  Male offspring are at risk of death when the adult male returns to visit mom.  The adult male will kill the male pups if he finds them at the den.  They must strike out on their own at a early age if they are to have a chance of survival.  This one should have read the warning encounters and moved on.  Now we will watch to see if he was traveling alone.


Indie said...

Glad you caught the culprit! Hopefully he is it. I bought a couple traps for the voles that have been infesting my garden. No luck yet though.

Kimberley said...

Good luck to you! I hope for your sake that it was a loner. Our little neighborbhood is overrun by these nasty critters. Even if I were to trap the two who live in my rocks full time, it would be just a matter of time before a new subletter moved in! My neighbor who has a big, loud dog doesn't have a problem, but we are not dog people here. Again, good luck!