Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fogged In

The exact weather events of last night remain a mystery.  We awoke to find the garden all wrapped in fog with temperatures in the 30's.  Precisely where in the 30's the temperature was would have required a trip out onto the cold wet deck since the thermometer cannot be seen from inside of the house.  Whether we had freeze or frost during the night will not be known.  Neither of us wanted to know bad enough to venture outside.

Cold damaged plants were common.  These pole bean leaves show some damage while some leaves remain green and alive.  Under or behind other leaves was a safe location.  Frost is more strongly forecast for tonight so all of the cold sensitive plants should be dead tomorrow.

Last night's cold kept the mosquitoes in hiding until late afternoon.  Those flying about seemed to lack a clear purpose.  They were easy to capture in midair.   With any luck tonight's cold will diminish their numbers even more.

These October Skies asters were a new purchase this year.  The catalog photo shows a lighter brighter blue coloration.  Last night's cold had no effect on them at all.  They remain a bright spot in the garden.

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Anonymous said...

That photo of the fog is an award winning photo. Gardens often surprise us when we find them at unusual times.