Tuesday, October 4, 2011

House Arrest

It is time to accept reality and move our tender plants indoors.  This location inside of the entry door that we never use has proven to be our best location for over wintering plants.  We have other locations with better light but the moving air currents are stronger here.  A high ceiling combined with heaters on both sides of the landing really move the air.  Since this is the best location, only the most favored plants get to spend the cold seasons here.

Three rosemarys line the left wall.  For some reason I thought obtaining a golden rosemary was a good idea.  Golden leaves look like dying  leaves so this plant always looks like it is on its way out. It's walking a thin line, because any plant that begins to look unwell loses this prime location. Two sweet bays, a tuberose, the patchouli and two lemon grass plants complete the group. Here in zone 4, tender plants get a six month sentence indoors. There is a slight chance for early parole if we get good weather in the spring. At some point these tender plants will again become the "In and Out Gang."


PlantPostings said...

How great that you have a special spot for all those overwintering plants. I wish I could do that. Hard to believe we'll have a hard freeze soon with temps in the 70s all week here. Are you experiencing Indian Summer, too?

Sunita said...

I like that name : The In and Out Gang :D
Though our winter is never really cold (I suppose it'll be like a summer day for you) and doesn't warrant shifting my plants indoors, our monsoon season does see me moving my phalaenopsis orchids to my verandah. Its a real pain moving them around but the alternative (dying of rot) is unthinkable!
A golden rosemary! I haven't been able to get even a regular rosemary to sprout for me.

Becky said...

So far instead of the warm sunny days cool nights and beautiful autumn colors that I associate with Indian summer,we have been having somewhat warm but cloudy a days and lots of rain. It's been more like Indian monsoons without the heat here.

cosmosandcleome said...

I need to get mine moved inside soon too. It's a pretty rough transition for some of them, from the high outdoor humidity they've loved to the much drier environment of the heated house. I always say I'm going to bring them in earlier in the fall, before we turn on the heat, but then I see how happy they are outside and can't do it!