Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Composting NOT Recommended

Here you see my very favorite pair of pruners. Ed found them when he harvested compost to add to his newly weeded garden beds.  It's not hard to guess how they got there. They were simply mixed in with whatever I was pruning at the time and I didn't notice . This is what my pruners look like after a year of composting. The handles really look pretty good.

The metal parts seem to have suffered some during the composting process. I would have thought they would be fused together for good.

Ed cleaned them off to get a better look. With silicone spray he managed to get them so that they would open and close.They will even cut if you have his hand strength. I don't!

Once again a new pair of pruners goes on my Christmas list.  I like to head out to the garden in the spring with a nice new pair of pruners fresh out of the package. You might notice that these pruners have a lifetime warranty, but losing them in the compost them for a year  certainly must void it. Anyway I would be way too embarrassed to send these back to the company, after I had treated them so badly. Really nice try Ed , but I want yet another shiny new pair of pruners.

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Indie said...

Ha, that is too bad about losing them, but quite funny about where you found them! I would totally do something like that as well!
At least your family will know what to get you for Christmas...