Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eastern Coyote Visitor

During the morning blur that surrounds our morning coffee, Becky sprang to the window shouting fox.  It was the coyote moving near the garden.  The motion in the window caused the visitor to change direction moving away from the house.  Its pause near the tall weeds gave me time to get the camera.  Becky directed me to the west end of the house where the coyote was passing close by.  Again the motion in the window resulted in a change of direction.  A pause for its portrait was followed by its disappearance into the pines.

We rarely see an adult coyote near the house.  They own the more remote area of our thirty-six acres with a den placed among some glacial erratics in nearby woods.  In my relative youth, I would walk in these woods.  I never saw an animal but I sometimes felt that I was not alone.  Now the woods are outside of my comfort range.  This morning's encounter left me impressed with the size of this magnificent animal.  Totally aware of its surroundings, it moved with a quick confident quiet grace.  Clearly, the coyote is master of its space.

Two days without rain has placed garlic planting on today's list.  I have to venture back into the coyotes domain to work in the wilderness garden.  Some fear will be with me there today.  In our rural location, coyotes shun man so I need not be afraid.  The coyote will be aware of my presence and move away from me.  I hope it has read the playbook that describes his expected actions.  My opposable thumbs and skill solving quadratic equations would be outmatched by the coyotes agile quickness.


Lona said...

We have them nearby here also but although I know they are so close I have not spotted one before. Glad you got a picture of your visitor.

Cynthia Walker Pickens said...

I don't see coyotes, but we hear them frequently after dark, moving through in a pack, sometimes very close to our house. I love the sound of their wildness!