Sunday, October 16, 2011

Garlic Planting Time, Part Two

Good weather means a day working on the garlic bed to prepare it for planting. Yesterday when the rain finally drove me front to dry off, I left things as you see them here. Today sunshine sent me back to continue on the garlic project. When I arrived at the wilderness garden I discovered that my ball of garden twine was unwound trailing up the path.  Since I pull the twine from the center of the ball, all my playful canine had to do was put the ball in its mouth and run off.  The twine unwound until the ball was exhausted.  I followed the twine trail across the lawn, up the path then down into the woods.    I returned back up the trail winding twine as I walked.  A flat stone now holds my twine ball where I want it to remain.

A neighbor has placed a hunting blind on the high meadow overlooking the wilderness garden.  I have given serious thought to spending an evening sitting in the blind.  If I did that, I might get to see and perhaps photograph my coyote.  But then the biting insects sent me front today by 4:30 pm.

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