Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cutting Back the Lavender and Making Lavender Wands

 We've had a few sunny days and the lavender is ready to cut. My friend Susan wanted to learn how to make lavender wands so I called her and said " The lavender is ready, let's do it." Ed cut lavender for us to use because he's much braver around the buzzing of the bees than I am. We prune the plant and the longest stems are used to make the wands.

 I told Susan I like to work with a bowl in my lap to catch the flowers that drop as I work. They are saved to use later. We started with eleven stems. Any number will do but it needs to be odd. Eleven is a nice number for a beginner, fewer and the wand is too skinny.

The end of a roll of 1/4 inch ribbon is tied around the lavender at the base of the flowers leaving  a tail slightly longer than the stems you are working on.

Then you flip the bundle over with the stems pointing up. One by one you weave the ribbon end that is connected to the spool over and under as you gently fold down the lavender stems turning the bunch as you go.

 The first round is the hardest. Susan is on her second round here.  Continue weaving until all of the buds are encased in the woven ribbons. Bring up the short end and wrap the long end once around and tie a bow.

Let the wands dry for a few days. They look great in a basket.  When dry they can be stored in a closed container. They make a lovely gift!

Susan and I had a great afternoon. With little iced peppermint tea and the aroma of all that lavender , we were happy and relaxed. Susan's all set to start on her lavender at home. Perhaps I'll ask Ed to finish the trim on this plant and I'll work on some more of these tonight. You have to do them when the lavender is ready!


Kim and Victoria said...

I love those lavender wands. What a great idea. Good directions, too. I'll have to give this a try with our lavender plants. Thanks!

DeVona said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Becky! It prompted me to try my hand at making one myself this morning! I'm pleased with the results, even though I probably should have picked the lavender earlier when they were just budded! I had nice thoughts of your gentle ways while weaving it, then saw my exact thoughts mirrored in Ed's recent post! BTW, finally delivered Nancy's drawing Friday ( got a little lost but not as off track as my meandering way to your place once)! Also sent in two Autumn assignments to Pat, had to redraw one, but both are approved now!