Thursday, July 14, 2011

About Those Garden Gnomes...

It was some time ago  when I was chatting with my gardening friend Helen that she said "I wish I  had  a Travelocity garden gnome with a red hat." It was not until her birthday earlier this month was imminent that I took action. I sent for this cute little guy, but I knew he would never arrive on time. I think it was late at night when I got an idea. I contacted a few distant relatives and friends and asked them to send Helen a postcard that read "Still traveling." Running late." T.G. (Thank you to those who joined in the fun!)  I gave her a small present on her birthday to cover my deception. After the gnome arrived , I waited for my chance to sneak him into garden when no one was home.  I picked a nice spot close to the door, went home and waited for the phone to ring. It was not until the next morning that the gnome was discovered. Helen was both surprised and delighted. It didn't take her long to figure out it was me.

Now her garden has a gnome with a red hat. He looks great in her garden. Of course he may move around a bit. He's pretty fast. He arrived ahead of most of the postcards.

We don't have any garden gnomes at the Stone Wall Garden. I'm not good with statuary. My concrete rabbit is still in the basement awaiting repairs for the cracks he got because I left him outside all winter. My garden is a gnome free zone. However since I bought Helen's Travelocity gnome,  I can't say the same for my computer. I open my email and there he is in his red hat. When I go to Blotanical, he seems to be on every page. It's curious since I already bought the thing. How many garden gnomes do they think a person needs? It will be interesting to see how long it takes for this traveling gnome in my computer to move on . I'm fine with it as long as the one in Helen's garden stays put!

PS Ed started the 2011 garlic harvest today. He was lucky enough to watch a doe and her fawn playing in the pond. Both of us saw our first ever mourning warbler in the garden. It had a blue gray head and a yellow chest.

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