Monday, July 18, 2011

Awaiting a Storm

Its' been weeks since we had any rain. The soil is dry as dust. It's perfect for the birds to take a dust bath, leaving indentations in the soil where they shake and roll.

It's not so nice for the gardener. Yesterday I pulled a big quack grass that uprooted this Dianthus. I watered it  well , but I'm afraid I murdered it. I think I'll wait for rain before I weed anywhere near the plants.

This is how our grass looks now. It's quite a change from the lush growth that Ed couldn't keep up with mowing.It crunches under foot when you walk across it.

 Still, even as dry as it is beauty  hangs on in the garden. The anise hyssop and gloriosa daisies bloom on to the bees delight and mine.

This breathtaking day lily has its day in the sun and seems to bask in the heat. Not me I'm completely wilted and even though the weather calls for strong storms, I hope the rain doesn't pass us by this time!


Kyna said...

I have the same crunchy grass problem. I took a video of my yard last week, and sometimes you can barely here me over the crunch of my flip flops.

The trouble is, if I wish for rain, we'll get it. When we get it, it'll downpour for a week and flood us out. Or we'll get a hurricane. That's the way things seem to always go...

Donna said...

Becky, I hope it is raining for you...we did get about a half hour down pour. I weeded in the dry dust bowl yesterday but had to be careful since I know if I am not I will kill some plants. No planting or moving of anything right now.