Monday, May 30, 2011

You Don't See a Wildflower this Small Everyday

We have been watching carefully and finally the Twinflower, Linnaea borealis, has opened.  The wildflower guide says these flowers are 1/2 inch. My flowers come up a little short on that, but maybe the flower and stem would measure an inch tall. The creeping stems are evergreen and hug the ground tightly. The plant is in the honeysuckle family. If these tiny flowers have a fragrance, I can't get close enough to notice it, and no way would I ever pick one. If these were not planted in the shade garden and raised up off the ground I could never have managed a photo.

I really wanted to capture the inside of the flower and to do that I had to touch it. Only the worms and ants are low enough to get this view. Many people would think these too small to bother with, but I see them as little twin jewels. The fact that they were a present from Amy enhances their value even more!

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PlantPostings said...

Sometimes the tiniest things bring the greatest joys. That is a lovely, wildflower, Becky! So delicate.