Monday, May 16, 2011

Watch Where You Step!

Ed and I stopped by friends to look for their patch of Fringed polygalas. The flowers were not open just yet. Their house is on the North facing side of a hill. The view is amazing! We have been looking for places where trailing arbutus grows, and wow do they have it there. Part of a huge area that was bulldozed twenty years ago when they built their house is kept mowed now. The open area on the hill below the house protects the view. Rock lies just below the surface. Arbutus, lichens, moss and tiny cut- off white pines make an interesting surface. It's hard to know where to walk. Since this area passes the "more than you can count " test, and our friends have offered, Ed will try to move a couple of small arbutus plants.

We went for a short walk on a path through the woods. Little red efts scampered away as we walked. This little guy stuck his head under a leaf. I guess if he couldn't see us he felt safe. I thought about these gorgeous little guys being on the bottom of the food chain. The multiple bug bites I had when I got home reminded me that there is no bottom on the food chain. It's a circle.

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