Monday, March 21, 2011

Textures, Tunnels, Ice and Snow

Yesterday was a cool but nice day to walk outside and look at what the melting snow had uncovered. This dead and freeze dried lettuce plant caught my eye.

Amy's photograph of a mulched area pressed by the snow almost looks like a piece of fancy handmade paper.

She couldn't resist the fascinating maze of tunnels that meander everywhere.
The architects of these tunnels never heard of a straight line, but all these curves are so much more intriguing.

This area raises more questions. I can't help wondering what those furry little rodents were doing here.

The remaining snow has turned to ice . A dark leaf, attracting the heat of the sun, sinks into a leaf shaped hole.

This hole is even deeper. It was a treat to walk around and observe the long awaited melting of the snow.
This morning we looked out on a world of white. Several inches of heavy snow have covered the garden again. I am recording snow on this date, but I balk at taking another snow covered garden picture. We'll see what tomorrow brings.


Donna said...

your garden looks just like mine especially with the vole tunnels...more snow this week predicted so there will be no gardening there

WiseAcre said...

hard to see in the photos but I know what you were after with the sinking leaves. I've taken photos of twigs hoping to capture the image of mutant bird tracks but they never come out for me :(

spring is on hold here. The snow is almost all gone but the temps have been below freezing during the day and in the single digits at night.