Thursday, March 24, 2011

Outside ... Freeze Frame, Indoors... Action!

Outside we have more snow and more cold. My pretty, hardy, little Dutch iris are just sitting there, closed tight, waiting for things to warm up at least a bit. They only have one chance to bloom and they will wait until the conditions are right. I hope the first blossom will open soon. I'm impatiently watching.

Inside things are on the move. Ed has set up his lights and planted his first seeds. The lettuce likes it cool, so the basement temperature is fine. Other seeds like it warmer so they have a bottom heat pad and a plastic dome.

Baby lettuce plants raise my spirits and ease the pain in my wallet from buying lettuce ever so slightly. A package of lettuce seeds and a pot of dirt is a better investment these days than putting money in the bank. It will be weeks before we get to eat our own lettuce, but we are off to a good start.

Safe inside a plastic dome, with warmth from below and light from above, Ed's China aster plants are growing nicely. Last year we started two kinds of asters, but we lost track of which was which. One kind was a disaster, but we don't know which one. This year we are planting one kind. There will be no room for confusion at least where the asters are concerned!


Donna said...

I finally gave in and started some of my seeds too waiting for the snow and cold to finally move far, far away...

PlantPostings said...

You are so wise with your comment about lettuce seeds. This summer you will be very wealthy, indeed. Looking forward to a post with that Iris blooming!