Wednesday, March 16, 2011

As the Snow Goes

Every day the snow shrinks a little. As the snow goes more of the garden is revealed. The stone walls are uncovered, but we are still waiting for the stone paths to appear from their winter blanket. Every spring I am greeted with many small catchfly plants. They are rampant self seeders, but I love their bright pink flowers, and the hummingbirds agree, so I always let some of them stay. The truth is I'm very happy to see them!

The hens and chicks look like they have had a terrific winter. It will be awhile longer before the entire clump is revealed. It's so nice to see them peeking out from beneath the snow ice. Today huge snowflakes are falling. It's pretty, but at this point I would prefer rain!

Ed has planted Dahlia roots in pots. Last year the mid-March planted tubers were in bloom by July 1st. We had blossoms for a full three months. There is one possible snag. The root masses were still moist when they were placed in the galvanized can. He may have planted compost in the pots. It's official, stone wall garden 2011 has begun.


NellJean said...

It is always good to see signs of Spring wherever you garden.

I hope the dahlia roots persist and you have a great July show.

PlantPostings said...

Love the Hens and Chicks poking out from under the snow! I didn't realize you could plant Dahlia roots this early! Happy Spring!

Becky said...

The Dahlia roots have been planted in pots. They will be carried out on nice days and brought back in for the cold nights. If we do this we will have flowers early July. If we plant them out after the danger of frost is past, they have a very short flowering season here.