Monday, October 12, 2009

October Frost

We got our first October frost yesterday.It was relatively light. Just enough to make some of the plants limp and mushy. After planting the rest of our new bulbs, attention was turned to clearing beds. The compost pile is burgeoning with pepper plants,bean and watermelon vines, weeds, and the late pea vines that almost produced a late crop, but didn't quite make it.

This bed is ready for spring.It's all weeded except for a couple of hollyhock plants that might survive the winter and get to stay. The wire covers the newly prepared bed to discourage the critters from digging or rolling in the soft soil.

This morning's frost was the real thing. With the temperature well below freezing, the cold white curtain has fallen on the garden. Any tender plants are doomed. This year's garden is history. Time to look ahead to spring. The first planting of garlic will be made today.


Dave@The Home Garden said...

The first frost is an interesting thing to see. The water crystals that form almost make it seem like magic in a way.

Janet said...

The photo with the morning frost and fog is really neat.

Liz said...

Wonderful photo, frosts are always so magical... We haven't yet had our frosts, morning dew regularly though so I don't think it's far off!