Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monarch Migration

Today was a classic Fall day. Crisp cool air caused us to wear a second shirt. No rain fell to dampen our spirits or end outside work. Monarch butterflies were frequently seen. Their migration is underway. Monarch migration is an easy event to miss. Single butterflies are all that we see, but they keep coming. "Look there goes another", is the call that identifies the event.

Butterfly bush flowers are still a source of nectar for butterflies. This one paused only briefly to feed then flew South. Wind from the Northwest made flight difficult. We saw mostly pumping wings with few glides. When the wind is from the North we see butterflies with some altitude gliding above our garden. Today they were down low and working hard. Some stopped for a drink, but the general direction always remained constant , South!


Rosey Pollen said...

How special for you! They don't pass by our way. Their migration is a wonder of nature, and you get to witnes it first hand.

Kanak Hagjer said...

I'm so fascinated by the monarch migration and I think you're so lucky to see it happen. I love your header photo and the colors of Fall in your post is beautiful! It's wonderful to see obvious changes in all the seasons. we don't have that privilege!!