Friday, October 30, 2009

Fresh Peppermint Tea

I'm still slipping outside to pick fresh mint for Ed's morning tea. This is Black Stem Peppermint, a favorite. I have dried some for the winter, but for as long as the plants are producing nice leaves, we will have the fresh. It's worth putting on a jacket to go out, and it gives me a chance to walk around and watch all the plants as they progress into their winter dormancy. The annuals are for the most part gone, by that I mean dead. The perennials slip into their hibernation at different rates. The kettle whistle blows. The tea is ready. A small bit of summer lingers still!


Nell jean said...

I like this post. As cool weather comes on, we'll enjoy teas of all kinds.

Randy Emmitt said...

Meg loves Peppermint tea. Great posting.

Autumn Belle said...

Do you drink this tea with some scones, cookies or pies?