Saturday, August 22, 2009

Up Tight Flowers

The closed gentian is blooming. This is the second year for this fascinating specimen here. As luck would have it when I purchased this plant , it turned out to be two , one blue, one white from the same pot. Sometime I suppose I will have to try to separate them, but for now I just enjoy their unique flowers. The white plant is ever so slightly ahead of the blue. Bumblebees have forced their way into many of the white blossoms,but most of the blue flowers are still closed up tight. It might be the end of August, but there is still cool stuff going on in the garden.

Ed dug more potatoes today. The copra onions have been brought in for braiding. The peppers are beginning to produce. That includes six plants that we bought marked new ace that definitely look hot not sweet. Tomorrow I need to suit up and cut the okra pods that are ready. We are looking forward to trying those.

The high humidity and frequent rain has take it's toll. The zucchini and summer squash plants are gone. The powdery mildew won this time. Sometimes it's best to face facts and dispose of infected plants for the good of the others. The tomato plants may be next.

For many plants it's all about going to seed now. Weeding done now is profitable, paying big dividends for next year. The goldfinches are visiting the sunflowers. In the fields the goldenrod has begun to bloom. A couple of varieties are blooming now, more will join them and continue until the frost. The New England asters are just beginning to show their purple. The purple and gold is a sure sign that September is upon us. I have to be honest, I love this time of year!


Daphne said...

My copra onions didn't do well this year. I think they were just planted too soon. Next year I won't push them as much. Did you get a good yield with the weird weather we have had?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Becky ! .. One of my Goldenrod has actually finished its bloom and the heads have gone brown .. the other cultivar was just beginning .. so that was timed well.
My asters have not budded out to the point you can see the purple .. but YES ! so many signs of summer wrapping up ... is GREAT ! : )

Becky said...

Most of the onions grew and got to be braided, but they are much smaller than last year. I think it's all the wet weather. I won't give up on this variety, I've had great success with them in the past!