Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Sunflower Sport

Sunflowers are one of the plants that volunteer here. Originally started from some Budgie seed I planted in our old garden, they moved with us and still come up wherever they choose. For more than a decade they have been self seeding in the garden. Recently their numbers have declined. Right now sunflowers are a protected plant here.We try very hard to let them grow, or move them to a better spot when they are small. There are consequences for weeding out a sunflower!

These are not single stem sunflowers. They are more of a sunflower bush. Sometimes the centers are brown, sometimes yellow. In all the time I have been growing these plants, I have never seen one like this one! Special effort will have to be made to save some seed from this plant. Goldfinches and black cap chickadees usually take care of planting the sunflowers, dropping as many seeds as they eat.I trust them to show me when the seed is ready to plant. I'll watch and collect some seed myself and see that it gets special care. I'm curious to see what seed from this sport will produce.

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Janet said...

What a great sport!! I bet the birds will love those seeds too.