Friday, June 1, 2018

It's June? Seriously?

I looked at the calendar and May had thirty-one days this year just like always.  How did it go by so darn fast?  We have not had Lemon Lily flowers for several years.  They  have usually been frosted in May but not this year!  Early this morning I saw the cheery yellow flowers from the house.  I wanted to get out there while it was still cool.  Since there are weeds popping up everywhere,  I chose to work right next to these lovely flowers.  The first thing I did was stick my nose into this flower coming face to face with a Flower spider.  I backed off and so did she but she only went to the other side of the flower where I could no longer see her.  The whole area around the lilies was filled with fragrance.  It was a pleasure to remove unwanted plants and give these beauties their place in the sun.  While I was out there, two  blue Indigo Buntings stopped by close enough for me to enjoy their iridescent color and twittering.  I stopped to watch them and  the  House Wrens that seem to have babies  to feed in the pink birdhouse.  

The Robin's Plantain, also known as Blue Spring Daisy, is blooming now too.  It is a native from a patch that  used to grow in the back meadow.   It is a plant I have rarely seen elsewhere.  It could use some help holding its spot.  Perhaps it will get moved to the top of the list for my next time spent in the garden.

Gorgeous flowers are blooming everywhere.  This is the Blue Flag that grows in front of the house..

All of the Iris are opening now.  This family heirloom goes back to my Mom and my Grandmother.  The fragrance of this flower is a memory from my childhood.  Not big and showy, but hardy, fragrant and lovely, this is one of the plants that garden visitors ask me to share.  I do that often and gladly!  It is cooling off now.  Perhaps I can do a little more before it rains!

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