Sunday, June 24, 2018

Hiding In Plain Sight

I've often thought that weeds in my garden go to great lengths to hide from me.  This Woodsorrell is a prime example!  Here in the Sweet Ciceley it is bright green and matches the height of the  tall plant that surrounds it.  That requires at least eighteen inches of growth.

In the very same bed when  Woodsorrell  is surrounded by Coral Bells it matches the height and color again.  Here a six inch height is sufficient.  It's really kind of neat when you think about it.  With their heart shaped leaves and matching color they do look pretty.  Soon however, bright yellow flowers will give away the location of this weed.  It multiplies only by seed so if  I can get them first before the seed matures, I will.

 I almost missed this Spiderwort flower and the bee because it was  in the shade between the Summer Sweet and the stone wall.  Definitely not a weed, it should not be missed.  I won't say how many fuzzy bee pictures I had to delete, but I got my picture. and my flower.  I'm an old pro at garden hide and seek!

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