Sunday, February 14, 2016

On The Inside Looking Out

When there is ice like this on the inside of our double pane windows, I don't need to look at a thermometer to know that inside is the place for me today.  I know that the temperature is well below zero.  NOAA reported eighteen degrees F below zero for our zip code.  That number is the actual reading at the Binghamton airport and we usually find our temperatures a few degrees colder than that.  Once it goes into negative digits I need serious motivation to venture outside! The severe weather warnings advise us to remain indoors.  We will heed that recommendation.

Jack Frost did some of his beautiful work on the storm door that opens from the kitchen.  This door is tight enough that there is an air lock when you close it and still the floor is cold just inside the door. We can enjoy these dainty complex formations from the relative warmth indoors.

The sun is bright and the sky is blue.  It is almost noon and the ice on the inside of the windows on the south side of the house has melted, but everywhere else it is holding firm.  Ed and I will spend Valentine's Day here together where we love to be.  We saw a fox the other day, moving quickly from right to left where the window ice blocks the view.  We hurried to the living room windows  on the other side of the house and watched the fox streaking across the grass so fast that his beautiful tail streamed out behind him as straight as a arrow.  He ran in a straight line up the hill disappearing into the pines.  Just a little later we saw him again following basically the same path in the opposite direction and running at the same speed.  For awhile we were a little concerned that he was out in the middle of the day, but then we remembered that February  and Valentine's Day are for foxes too!  Foxes in love is part of February fun here!  I have to think that they are curled up together today in their cozy den just like we are.

I have flowers on my rosemary. Blueish purple is my favorite!  There is always some chocolate in the house.  We will dine on homemade chili, our longtime favorite for a cold winter day.  Maybe we will do a seed or plant order.  Best of all we are still here together!

After more than 50 Valentine's days together, deep down we still feel the same about each other.  We were in love then and we are in love now.  Gosh when Ed reads this he will really need that insulin shot! Happy Valentine's Day 2016!


JEllen said...

It might be a degree or two warmer in Cleveland today. Love that last photo. Golly where do the years go? Happy Valentine's Day you love birds. Now run for the insulin!

Big Sister said...

Look Mom and Daddy. I don't think I have ever seen th as t photo before.

PlantPostings said...

Sweet. We're just crawling out of the polar vortex here in Wisconsin. The week ahead looks very mild, so I imagine the same will be in your future very soon. Sounds like you had a comfortable, warm Valentine's Day. Cheers!

Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

What a lovely standing the test of time is very special. It was cold here too with temps -20F and lower. Not much hope for better weather as ice and snow are on the way. We did not venture out to walk in these bitter temps. But when it warms into the 20s (how funny to think of 20 as warm) we will go for our daily walk.