Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Spring Sneak Preview

Forget the groundhog.  No one can predict the weather this year!  This morning we had heavy rain.  It might not be spring , but it will do until spring comes along.  This afternoon I walked about to visit some of my plant friends.  This is Cardinal flower  coming back in front of Ed's wall down by the road.

I hope this a pink foxglove.  If it is white I will not really be disappointed.  Familiar green leaves are so nice to see!

This is a chrysanthemum that seeded on top of Ed's stone wall.  Exposed like that, I didn't think this little plant had a chance.  So far it is showing me!  One tiny stem has become two since I first noticed it in the fall.

No snow to peek  through doesn't stop the snow drops.  I thought about bringing the little bulb on the surface in the house to force.  More likely I will go out tomorrow and  push it into the empty space next to the others.

The front half of the ice plant  turned brown and dry where it was growing over the stone path.  The back half over the soil changed to red.  This plant is new to me, but I like all the green I see coming up under it all.

Many plants here die back to ground level here.  It is always great to see them growing again and this Sedum sieboldi is one of my favorite old friends.  I know it is still February but for me spring was here at least for today!


Linda DeVona said...

I enjoyed your Spring preview! We have a couple snowdrops in our front border that have been in a very long holding pattern...up but waiting to bloom!

PlantPostings said...

These plants that form rosettes and new growth in the fall and winter are so amazing. I can't believe they can survive in a state of suspended animation through the long winters, but somehow they do. Great photos!