Monday, April 7, 2014

April's First Flowers

What a pleasure to see snow drops open in the sunlight.  I even noticed a couple of honey bees buzzing around. I suppose these little white and green flowers could be considered boring by some, but to me they are hardy and brave and one of the most beautiful flowers ever.

They will stay open under that amazing blue sky until the sun goes down and the temperature cools. Then they will close their blossoms  and wait to open again in the light and warmth. After all, there is no point in leaving your sensitive parts uncovered when they are no pollinators around to appreciate them.

Here are some of my Dutch iris piercing a thick mullein leaf to  reach the sunlight.  I spent part of this nice sunny day clearing away debris  from these .  Ed got me a cage to protect them from the deer.

There is not much that burns my cork more than waiting all winter for these lovely little beauties and then having them nipped in the bud by some hungry deer

Here on April 6, we have my very first Dutch iris bloom of 2014.  There will be many more, but this one is the first! Usually I get to enjoy these flowers in March.  In 2012 a post very much like this one with a lot less whining was posted on March 13.  Perhaps all this  breathless anticipation has made me appreciate them even more!