Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Virtual Walk In The Woods, Photos by Amy

Today we are getting rain and the sky is gray. I know "April showers...", but really now!   It is  hardly decent weather for a walk in the woods or the garden, but we can all take a virtual stroll and notice some of the interesting things that Amy did when she took these amazing pictures.  You have to take your time to notice this kind of  fascinating detail.

I love the color, texture, shapes and squiggles on this one!

I don't know the cause of the polka dots on this oak leaf.  I suppose it might not be great for the oak tree, but it makes an interesting pattern.

I'm lichen this one. All that texture and color are just barely clinging to the  wood.

This last one with the little mounds of moss is my favorite.  The biggest mound has tiny little flowers. If I stare at this one for awhile, I almost see a pinkish colored toad staring back.  I guess cabin fever is really setting in with all this rain.  I could certainly use a nice sunny day in the garden!

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me ann my camera said...

The Mayflowers are beautiful! Such a wonderful smazing patch! How fortunate are you to have these hardy little wildflowers near by. I love the appearance of wildflowers in the spring. we have our own Coltsfoot and a Purple violet patch in our gardens. also Ground Ivy should br in bloom soon.
Have a wonderful day and happy gardening in your wonderful garden.