Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winter Ready Lilies

If we are to have any chance of Oriental Lilies in flower next summer, they require attention now.   Our Black Dragons have decided to make one bulb two.  This came as no surprise since each sent up two flowering stalks this year.  The four big bulbs were placed into three pots along with several smaller daughter bulbs.  The pots contents were marked and planted rim deep in the central location. Black Dragon opens its flowers pointed straight up.  I think that they look rather silly but the scent is delightful and the white color is pure.  Besides, they seem happy here and have increased in number.

This is how I choose to spend much of my time.  It looks prayerful and does wonders for this soul. Here is the location of the sod walls that shelter many pots of lilies.  In the Spring two black plastic ribs will be placed to support the tarp that shelters from frost.  Now twenty-nine pots of lily bulbs fill the area.

Weeds and weather caused havoc this past year.  More pots were crammed in here making weed removal impossible.  Our wet Spring kept the leaves wet and many were lost to brown rot.  Fewer pots were placed here this fall.  We hope that the extra space between the pots will improve air circulation and allow access to weed.  Bark mulch has two intended purposes.  First, by filling the top of the  pots with mulch a removable layer is created that can be shaken out when the lilies are set out in the garden.  The sheer weight of three gallons of soil is exceeding my ability to deftly transfer the plant from the pot to the garden.  The bark mulch is taking up volume that would otherwise be filled with soil.  Second is weed control.  We will find out if these modifications make transplanting any easier.

This bare wall is cause for celebration.  Pots of plants have filled both sides of the wall since early Spring.  Most of the plants did find a home in the garden but some did spend the entire season trapped here.  Becky's kitchen garden is planned for the area now filled with weeds.  Maybe next year.

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