Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Good Year For Lily Regale

This Chinese trumpet lily has faced serious weather damage in the past.  Now that we understand that protection from Spring frosts is absolutely necessary, flowers appear.  Placement in the garden has been made so that this prize can be protected in place.  No more Winter in a pot and Spring under a tarp for this one.

These massive bulbs did spent last Winter in two pots.  The bulb on the right divided itself into two bulbs and both flowered this year.  These three were planted in a prime location near the house equidistant from each other.

These smaller younger bulbs also deserved a good home.  Three were planted beyond the big three and one was planted in the center of the group.  A large tall plastic garbage can is on site ready to protect from frost.

Four additional bulbs were planted in two pots.  They will be planted in a central location where a tarp protects from frost.  A spot for these will have to be found when the garden is planted.

Lilies from seed is possible.  We have enough seed for a sizable planting but such an undertaking is beyond us.  The years required to see flowers from seed is likely greater than the number of years that we will be able to continue to garden here.  I could not discard any of the bulbs but all of the seeds hit the compost.

The seven bulbs planted near our bedroom window may fill the room with their sweet scent next July. Today we took action that may make that hope a reality.  

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