Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Last Mums

Our local weather forecast calls for overnight low temperatures to drop into the twenties.  We have had light scattered frost several recent mornings but this one could end the flowers.  Emperor of China is the last of our chrysanthemums  to bloom.  We now have more buds than flowers and will see what tomorrow brings.

Debutante has proven to be a genuine stunner.  We are located one zone outside of its comfort zone but this is the second year that it has been with us.  The setting sun brightens the colors in the red end of the spectrum so these flowers look their best now.

White daisy is both the name and a description of this flower.  Look alike flowers are common during the heat of summer.  These bring a connection with the glory that was summer.  The spent blossoms take on a purple hue.  This one is a clear keeper.

Helen Mae shows an unusual combination of pink and orange.  As the flower matures it will become a solid striking pink.  The plant remains rather small in its second year here.  We will excitedly look for signs of new growth when the snows leave.

A bright clear yellow is what we were looking for when we selected this mail order plant.  This Yellow Daisy is all of that.  Here for only one year, sited against a south facing stone wall should increase the chances that this plant will be back.

We have two goals with these plants.  Fall flowers means chrysanthemums and we want them in great number.   Permanent garden residents is what we are looking for.  Next will be a timely loose mulch of stems to help carry these plants to Spring.

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