Saturday, July 20, 2013

The One Who Lived

I've been watching this pot for a long time.    Take a click back to February 7 when  Ed went out in the freezing cold to plant my Frost weed seeds from Gail.  It will cool you right off.  For a long time nothing came up, but finally a few tiny plants appeared in the pot.  I recognized most of them as known weeds.  I was waiting for something different.  Finally this fuzzy little guy appeared.  I was hopeful, so  I took a picture and emailed it to Gail.  You can imagine my delight when she  told me that, yes, I have a Frost weed plant.

We chose a special spot next to Ed's stone wall.  It's in a place where I hope next year I can see frost flowers from the warmth of the house.

Gail explained  that the plant sends down  a tap root system the first year.  For a plant less than two inches tall, this one already has an impressive root system.  It will not flower until next year.

Ed carefully planted my precious little plant without disturbing the roots at all.

Mulched with wood chips and marked with a stone, my little plant is all set to grow.

Finally we placed a cage over it to give it one more layer of protection.  Since this plant is new to us there is a chance that it will be accidentally pulled as a weed.  The cage may serve as a reminder that something special grows here.  We hope that it will prosper  planted next to the stone wall.  Since we are north of the normal range of this plant, it will have to survive yet another winter here before it will flower.  We have done our best.  Now it is up to the little plant, but I am optimistic.  After all it is the one who lived!

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Gail said...

It will surely live and flower with the love and care you've both given it! xo