Saturday, July 13, 2013

Thyme For Weeding And A Trim

The garden here is lush with weeds growing out of control because of all of the rain.  Finally we got two days in a row where it was possible to spend some time in the garden.  The thyme patio at the west end of the house was in serious need of attention.   The beautiful flowers are past and the plants have gone to seed.  First I went out and pulled every weed I could find and there were plenty!

Once the weeds were eliminated the thyme was ready for its slightly over due haircut.

It was time to take a lot off the top.  If you allow your thyme plants to go to seed they will not last long and sometimes die off.  Ed made short work of this job with our little battery operated weed whacker.

Whacked back to nice green plants with  the patio stones showing is the look we need.  Thyme for a generous tip for the barber and to move on to the next place in the garden in need of attention!

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