Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Fabulous Morning In The Garden

Today was one of those beautiful days for spending time in the garden.  No rain and reasonable temperatures just drew us outside.  We have many weeds to pull and crops to harvest.  Spending time pulling weeds anywhere near this fragrant Salmon Star lily is hardly a chore.  It's fragrance fills the air bringing pleasure with every breath!

The striking red cardinal flower has begun to bloom.  We love this plant and the hummingbirds love it so much that they have now strayed from their beloved red bee balm.

I got really lucky getting a picture of a hummingbird moth on the red bee balm.  Earlier in the week the humming birds kept just about everything away from these red favorites.  Now they have so many other blooms to chose from they seem willing to share.

The hot pink bee balm buzzes with activity.  I try to give the bees their space when I walk by.  Ed tells me that they are to busy and content to bother with me.

It appears to be true.  Here Ed is right down in the bee balm pulling weeds. All the bees seemed to move away long enough for him to finish.  He believes that bees like eighth graders can smell fear and that prompts them to be uncivilized.  No fear means no stings for him.  His Solumbra shirt and drape leave little skin exposed.  Insects can walk there without him even being aware of their presence.

It was wonderful to stop what I was doing and notice the cedar waxwings trying to steal Ed's garden twine for their nests.  These elegant birds with their classy grey feathers, yellow edged tail and stately  head crest are always a delight to see and today they came  so close to me.  A beautiful red cardinal sat atop one of the tomato poles.  Many butterflies visit the garden flowers in the middle of the day.  A brand new black swallowtail flew by my head.  It was difficult to tear myself away from all the activity when it was time to come in for lunch.

Perhaps this afternoon, I will go back out to search among the weeds to pick some of my Tavera green beans. The plants still have blossoms, but there are beautiful beans there just waiting to be harvested!

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PlantPostings said...

It does sound like the perfect morning! We've had some of those perfect days lately, too--until today when it was very cold, for July. I hope this cold snap ends soon!