Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hot and Cold Flashes

I know a little something about hot and cold flashes and I suppose to call Wednesday's sixty degree temperature hot is exaggerating just a bit.  Still the garden was out there dripping wet from the rain,  its blanket of snow gone.  Some of the plants like this cute little clump of bluets looked great anyway.

This primrose looked terrific too, waiting patiently for spring.  However, this week was not the start of spring , it was the beginning of February.

This fragrant viola looks a lot more bedraggled.  It still has some green underneath, but the change from hot to cold is not so well received by this plant.  Thursday was a day of swirling snow and howling winds as the weather abruptly changed over.  The all too familiar freezing February had arrived in a flash.

Now that we are back to winter outside,  it's time to spend some time fussing over  our indoor plants.  Ed and I spent some time watering, weeding and cutting back the plants in the basement.  I was covered in the aromas of peppermint, rose and lemon scented geraniums.  It was delightful.  Soon we must be ready for Ed to plant  his seeds.  We are working on that first seed order now.  I doubt if February's cold will be gone in a flash, but  I think  it the shortest month for a reason.   As a gardener here, I appreciate it!

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