Friday, February 22, 2013

Fungus Flowers and Footprints

Once again the garden is covered with snow.  It's not too deep this time and today was a perfect day to get outside.  Ed decided to build a fire and I went out to take pictures .  I frequently get sidetracked by little things I notice.  I thought this fungus on a stick was so attractive.


But then Ed called my attention to this gorgeous orange fungus.  It is as pretty as any flower and truth be told flowers are absent from my garden right now.  I was delighted to see the bright color  against the sea of white snow.

Other smaller specimens were scattered along another  tree branch like tiny flower buds.


Evidence of the parade of deer that walked through the garden last night include this patch where they uncovered grass for a snack.

There were lots of deer footprints in the snow.  We saw  deer last night just before dark.  There were a large number of animals  just passing through.  Some of the younger ones did a little running around before they left.  There has always been a deer path through here and we have had very little impact on their behavior.

I didn't see or hear  turkeys, but a perfect footprint was left in the in the fresh snow.   I didn't forget to take the fire pictures.  Ed will come inside soon and they will be his next post.

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