Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spring For A Day

Today our weather was almost unbelievable. It is December 4 in upstate New York and the temperature in the shade reads 62 degrees.  Whatever else I might have planned to do, the pull to walk around the garden with the camera  was stronger.  I stuck close to the house like the smartest of the deer in our neighborhood.  I don't feel comfortable walking the paths in the woods while there is possibility of running into folks with guns and Buck Fever.

Everywhere I walked the ground was thawed.  The red color of these yarrow leaves caught my attention.  They are not the flowers that I miss so much, but are still lovely.

So many of the plants are showing new growth in preparation for spring. This picture of catkins on the hazelnut with green grass, trees and blue sky in the background hardly brings December to mind.  I enjoyed our breath of spring even if it only lasted for a day.  As I write this a cold front is blowing through.  Tomorrow we will be back to December's chill, rain and perhaps snow, but today was fantastic!

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