Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hidden So Close

This is a borrowed view that our neighbors can enjoy from across the farm lane and right of way which separates our two properties.  This magnificent stand of Norway spruce has been here for decades.  The trees were planted by the son of the farmer who owned the land before us.  It's hard to see from this picture that there is a den often used by foxes hidden behind the beautiful flowing boughs of the trees.

The den is situated right at the base of the trunk of one of the trees.  There is fresh digging activity there.

It is fascinating to notice that as the digging progresses darker sand is now being replaced with fine white sand.  There doesn't seem to be a stone in any of it.  This fine sand is totally different from dirt anywhere else that Ed has dug on the property and he has done a whole  lot of digging here.   I'm sure he would have liked to get right into that sand to check it out, but we do not wish to disturb the tenants.

Here is a little closer look at the area.  The den is just a few feet to the right of the orange posted sign.  The lowest spruce branches are beginning to encroach on the right of way.  We plan to drive around them and hope our neighbors will do the same.  Trimming  would result in the death of the branches back to the trunk of the tree and result in complete exposure of the foxes  hiding place.  As Ed clears along the lane, he will carefully place brush in the open spaces  to give the animals the privacy they deserve.  If we are very lucky we will be rewarded next year with  an occasional glimpse of fox kits and foxes on rodent patrol in the garden.

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