Sunday, December 30, 2012

Blanketed With Snow

After the snowfall yesterday, the Stone Wall Garden is blanketed with snow.  We elected to spend the storm day inside with our gardening books.  William Cullina is a favorite contemporary author and we discovered his internet article about trailing arbutus.  He tells all about his highly successful technique for growing arbutus from seed.  Ed has read the article several times and is making his plans for next summer.  

Ed's project for the day was the clearing of the snow from driveway, paths, and vehicles.  Since his snow blower barely got out of the shed last winter, he is just now becoming more acquainted with the use of the machine.  I can see the bond between man and machine growing the more he uses it.  Today he said, "It is wonderful!"

Ed left his work and came in to warm up and have lunch. We were enjoying a steaming bowl of West African Groundnut Stew  when Ed spotted movement out the kitchen window. This is the view to the North that we enjoy looking out the kitchen window.  Today we saw a mature bald eagle flying over the river.  The eagle was flying below the ridge across the valley so white head and tail were unmistakable.  Since our home is sited on a plain overlooking the river, the eagle was flying level with our line of sight.  It is always a special day when we see an eagle.  This one turned and flew up river then turned again so we had a good long look.

Ed is back out there putting the finishing touches on his snow removal work.   Tomorrow we will make that trip to town that we have been putting off.  Snow is a mixed blessing.  It is quiet and looks beautiful.  It provides moisture and protection for the garden plants.  Its removal uses a lot of time and equipment.  Some of us are white knuckled when driving on it. Others like Ed take it as a challenge and find it rather exciting and fun.   The Town crew plows our road last, so it is hard packed when they get here.  It will be slippery, coated with packed snow until the next thaw.  


PlantPostings said...

How beautiful, Becky! It looks like my neighborhood here in Wisconsin. How wonderful to see a bald eagle, too! Enjoy your winter wonderland, and all the best to you both in 2013!

Carolyn ♥ said...

Cold Winter days are the best for sitting by a fire and thinking. I'm doing that today. So cold outside! I'm watching a hawk survey the sights outside my window this morning. Seeing an eagle must have been magical!