Thursday, December 27, 2012

Finally Snow

Once again the weather forecasts were dire.  Once again we were spared a damaging storm.  Snow caps on the wall minimize the total snowfall.  Wind removed some of the accumulation from the exposed high surfaces.  Our plants are finally under a protective blanket of snow.  We hope that this snow is still here in ten weeks.

Emerging from his burrow, the shoveler clears a path without leaving any footprints in the new snow. This stone chip ramp into the basement works only if it is kept clear of snow or ice.  A hard frozen surface here would sluice melt water into the basement.  Sun light on the cleared stones keeps a channel open to the deep gravel and water disappears harmlessly.

The end was almost reached but the lure of big machines pulled workman away.

When we first moved here thirteen years ago, I was still working.  A hand snow pusher proved adequate to clear most snowfalls.  It took the entire day to open the lane but since snowfall closes schools, I had the day off.  Illness necessitated power tools so a plow was attached to the lawn tractor.  Unable to curl plowed snow to the side, the plow proved inadequate.  Last year we acquired a bigger lawn tractor with a snow blower.  A snowless winter last year kept the new toy inactive.  Today was its maiden voyage.

Our gravel driveway presented a problem.  High skids were welded and attached to the blower.  It clears above the road surface but leaves an inch of snow.  The old plow finishes to job scraping down to the frozen gravel surface.  Exposed stone and sunshine work together to totally clear the lane.  It still takes all day but outside is where I want to be.

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