Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Everyone Hates Ragweed!

Everyone hates ragweed, Ambrosia artemisiifolia L.   I know I sure do.  I've been trying to eradicate it here for years.  In spite of that, this  ready to bloom plant escaped me.  It was growing right alongside the driveway.  This is what the enemy looks like.

Here is a closer picture of the despicable flowers.  I caught this plant just in the nick of time and composted it before it could do any harm.  It is best for someone who does not have severe allergies to pull this weed.  Gloves are recommended. The plant is famous for causing hay fever, but dermatitis is also a possibility.   If at all possible these weeds should be killed when young.  Back in June of 2008 I posted a baby picture of this pest.  It really is the most pernicious of weeds.  Perhaps it will never be extinct here, but if I see it, it's history!

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Donna@Gardens Eye View said...

I know I will regret saying this, but I have seen less of this weed this year (now it will show up you watch). I do have a severe allergy so I try to get rid of it early as well...not my worst weed...horsetail, teasel and a few others are far worse here....but I am glad this one is not too bad here.