Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Great Summer Garden Air Show

It's almost 6:00PM.  The apple trees cast long shadows.  Streaming sunshine still lights up the garden flowers.   As I stand by the bedroom window, I am dazzled by the high speed  acrobatics of three or four humming birds.  They dart between the cardinal flowers and the phlox.  Sometimes they perch on the highest branch of the smoke bush.  Perhaps the most exciting part is when they chase each other like tiny fighter jets.   Their path traces a giant U as they fly straight up then sharply turn downward.  Another vertical climb marks the other side of the U.  Several kinds of butterflies can be seen from my indoor vantage point.  I watched for quite some time before I was lured outside with the camera.

If you are out in the garden working down at ground level, the butterflies and hummingbirds, might pay you a visit, flitting by your head or buzzing past your ear.   If you walk out into the garden with the camera, they dart away.  I tried to get a shot of the slowest Monarch on the white phlox, but even he was too fast for me.  Thank goodness the flowers have to bloom where they are planted.  They make a nice picture even without their  flighty visitors.

 Now shade has overtaken the garden as the sun sets behind the far hill.  The air show in the garden is over for today.  Tomorrow after the fog lifts and bright sun lights up the garden, the show will begin again.    

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Indie said...

A magical sort of evening and some gorgeous blooms! I have had hummingbirds hover right in front of me for a moment, trying to figure out what I was, before zipping away much too quickly to get any sort of picture. So pretty!

The first hummingbird I ever saw in my garden was one summer early morning when I had the sprinklers going. The hummingbird was flitting through the water, playing in the sprinklers. Who knew that hummingbirds like playing in sprinklers like little kids?